Automatic line for the filling of tubes of 4 different sizes; semiautomatic filling of jars and bottles is also provided.

Riempimento liquidi

Fase riempimento tubi

Fase riempimento flaconi


Automatic Cartoning

Automatic horizontal reciprocating-motion cartoning machines enable cartoning cosmetic or over-the-counter products in general. Box and material feeding takes place with the aid of loaders/measuring devices. The machine can reach speeds from 20 to 70 cycles per minute. The packing speed depends on feeder and product types.

Confezionamento prodotto astucciato

Astucciamento prodotto

Marcatura laser astuccio

Cellophane wrapping

An automatic cellophane-wrapping machine, equipped with dedicated systems; particularly suited to wrapping heat-sealable materials, single and regular-shaped items, such as boxes, cartons, trays, containers, etc. It can pack cartons having 4cm to 16 cm base, 1.5 cm to 8,5 cm height and 5 cm to 30 cm length. It is prearranged for 4 types of carton format. The wide range and quick change of formats characterize the machine with high flexibility.

Avvolgimento cellophane


Prodotto cellophanato

Shrink Wrapping

We have automatic andsemiautomatic machines for the packing of variously-sized bottles, cans, boxes, trays, jars, etc. Versatility is the main feature of our semiautomatic monobloc shrink wrapping machines with film heat-shrinking welding bar. Bundles can be normally obtained in groups of 3 or 6 pieces.


Ingresso prodotto

Uscita prodotto

Flow packing

We specialize in the (pouch) packing of small- and middle-sized products. It is possible to pack:

  • any stiff regular- or irregular-shaped products single items and different amounts of pieces
  • variably-sized pieces
  • Printed films can also be used, with centered motifs and customized writings

the service also includes the supply and printing of the film used in the packing process.

Macchina Flow pack

Prodotto imbustato

Prodotto imbustato


The glueing of trousse-encased cosmetic products is carried out in dedicated laboratories. Automatic supply lines enable hot-melt glueing the products in scheduled times; packing and laser labelling operations are also carried out simultaneously. The work environment is designed in compliance with high hygiene standards and is also fully air-conditioned.

Emissione colla



Air sleeving

Air heat-shrinking tunnels enable carrying out sleeving processes on any products with a high daily productivity.

Tunnel per sleeveratura

Prodotto sleeverato

Prodotto sleeverato

Automatic steam sleeving

This tunnel is based on an innovatory steam-based technology. The electronic adjustment of all the operating parameters enables steady heat-shrinking under all conditions, also in case of peculiarly-shaped products, making them especially suited to the use of ornamental (full or half body), promotional and guaranteed sleeves. A linear-designed sleeve applicator can run at different speeds, up to a productivity of 5,000 pc./h. It is suitable for sleeve applications on both glass items and bottles in general.

Tunnel a vapore

Prodotto sleeverato

Prodotto sleeverato

Applicatrice automatica sleeve

Applicazione sleeve in automatico

Prodotto sleeverato


Our laboratories are equipped with automatic and semiautomatic heat-shrinking machines that can wrap products contained in bottles, trays, cartons, coffrets, etc. All heat-shrinking films are used (crayovak, polypropylene and derivatives, PVC, etc.) with thickness values ranging from 10 to 50 micron, also customizable with writings and drawings.


Avvolgimento confezione

Prodotto termato


Euroservice operates on automatic lines dedicated to labelling, laser and/or ink-jet engraving and embossing of papery packages. Our laboratories carry out labelling on cylindrical, oval and flat products; the PLC-controlled electronic management of parameter setting enables absolutely perfect labelling. Product marking over several printing rows and in various colours can be applied on industrial products: cardboard boxes, plastic tubes, metal, rubber, sheet metal, aluminium and glass.

Marcatura prodotto

Etichettatura automatica

Marcatura laser


Euroservice has glueing plants with built-in fusers which enable using fixed- and removable-impact glues, aimed at the assembly of paper and/or propylene, floor and/or desk display stands of all sorts, types and shapes, including subsequent filling operations. We also carry out:

  • assembly and filling of desk and floor display stands;
  • assembly and filling of coffrets and/or promotional packages;
  • reconditioning of all sorts;
  • labelling, including removal and application of front and back labels of bottles in general;
  • manual processing in general;

Coffrets packages

Promotional packages

Floor display stands;


From a full service viewpoint, Euroservice ensures haulage service (following registration in the National Roll of Transports) and logistics service (warehousing and distribution). Euroservice is in a position to offer the complete range of logistics services comprised between production and final customer.

Production-> Direct delivery -> Warehouse -> Distribution-> Customer.



Digital warehousing